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The must have for all busy Gentlemen

The must have for all busy Gentlemen

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    Thanks to our fabric made of bamboo's fibers and the design of T-Bô's underwear.

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    Shortly after the purchase of the subscription, you will get a package with 1 boxer directly in your letterbox. After that you'll receive a package with one more boxer once every two months.

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Which size will fit me ?

S: 68-76 cm / 26-30 inch
M: 76-84 cm / 30-33 inch
L: 84-92 cm / 33-37 inch
XL: 92-100 cm / 37-41 inch

What is the underwear made of?

95% Modal ( fabric made of bamboo )
5% Polyurethane

The Club

Get 1 boxer delivered directly to your doorstep every 2 months. Your credit card will only be charged the day we ship your underwear. You can manage your subscription anytime in your account. You can cancel your subscription anytime, as well.
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