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Why are thousands of men choosing to wear bamboo modal underwear this summer?

by Aldrin Tan June 22, 2017 2 min read

<center>Why are thousands of men choosing to wear bamboo modal underwear this summer?</center>

Tbo One underwear Male Underwear
We all know that summer is the best time to go out to the beach and stay cool, but most men are puzzled about the role of their underwear in keeping them comfortable. Some men just go with their "typical underwear" sticking to the fact that it's their most comfortable underwear.They don’t typically think about their underwear as anything but a burdensome necessity.

All eyes in here gentlemen, when it comes to getting yourself into underwear that is going to keep you cool and dry all summer long, T-Bô One got your back!

Sexy Abs man wearing Tbo underwear

T-Bô One is made out of 95% modal which is softer than cotton. Modal is a type of Rayon that is soft, silky, and very smooth. The thin bamboo modal fabric almost feels like wearing nothing and finer than cotton or silk. Most underwear made in cotton is pre-shrunk, this, however, is resistant to shrinkage and less likely to fade.
Tbo underwear in summer

How It's Made:
This is a man-made fabric, spun out of wood pulp from beech tree chips. This natural composition makes it a breathable fabric, suitable for wearing close to the skin. The silky, shiny look of Modal belies the fact that it does not trap perspiration and therefore leaves the skin freer to breathe.

Use in T-Bô One:
Modal fabric is extremely hard-wearing and keeps its shape and finish, even after frequent washing. These properties make it useful as an underwear fabric. Unlike garments made from synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, Bamboo Modal underwear does not trap perspiration and any kinds of odors. Bamboo Modal is up to 60% more absorbent than cotton, so clothes never feel sweaty and sticky.

What's the holdback? Get to shopping for your new T-Bô One underwear now, click this link now to get your pairs today!
Aldrin Tan
Aldrin Tan

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