Modern eco-friendly products, co-created by thousands of men globally

by Allan Perrottet June 20, 2019 4 min read


Modern eco-friendly products, co-created by thousands of men globally


It is 2019, and it seems like the world is at a turning point. Negative news about the environment and current affairs dominate the headlines bombarding us daily. 

Let’s face it, we have known about global issues from climate change and the effects for many decades now. But not much has been done. 

Human population growth has more than doubled since 1970 > Population stats and our consumption has increased. We need goods and food cheaper and faster. 

The corporate world stepped up to the plate and was ready to comply with demands. But this came at a cost. Global warming is one of them. 

In fact,there is evidence that the earth has been on a trend of warming since 1998(Nasa - Global Climate Change).As of 2014, we have experienced the warmest days and years since 1880. 

An even more heartbreaking consequence is the impact this has had on the animal kingdom. The list of endangered animals grows as each year passes. 

Logging and the expansion of human occupancy being the biggest threat to these poor creatures.List of endangered species by WWF 

The earth has taken a beating slowly but surely over time. In most recent years this has accelerated. 

Even though we have evolved digitally, we still have not figured out a popular solution for current global issues. 

Modern eco-friendly products, co-created by thousands of men globally


 Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly

I do believe that there are many of us out there who want to make a change and difference. The big question is how? 

Time passes by in a blink of an eye.  This can make it challenging to “do good”. 

As a brand, we would like to make this easier for you...

T-Bô Bodywear is astartupwith a heart and soul. Our core objective is to producemen's underwear. 

The story began as a conversation between friends which evolved into something much bigger. 

Since the  beginning, our beliefs and values are deeply rooted in the sense of community and taking care of the earth

This did come with its challenges, as with allsmall business startups. Some of these challenges have been overcome. Today, we maintain a small, but dynamic team based in Switzerland and the Philippines.

We are grateful to our peers and community who have guided us along this path. And we want to share our story far and wide, in the hope that other brands follow suit. 

Modern eco-friendly products, co-created by thousands of men globally

What is co-creation?

We actually did not know that this is what we were doing at first. When we started off, all we knew was that we wanted to develop a product that men globally could contribute too. 

In fact, co-creation is a business term (Wikipedia definition) used as far back circa the 1960s (Co-creation history).

The results were incredible...

By promoting an inclusive, caring mindset,knowledge transfer openly took place across borders. 

During our research and development phase, we relied 100% on the feedback from our community.

Our Tribe was not shy to let us in on their thoughts. They often found it challenging to findplanet-friendly productsthat are comfortable.

The main flaw brands have is that they do not listen to their consumers' needs. Especially when it comes to fit and style ofmale underwear. 

This is why T-Bô Bodywear co-created, together with the tribe, exactly what they needed. The results are eco-friendly men's boxer briefs and briefs. 

A new fabric blend of bamboo and micromodal birch treefibers was developed. The benefits of usingBamboo fabricoutweigh that of cotton. 

One benefit is that water is saved. Bamboo uses much less water to grow and it can survive in naturally humid areas. Cotton requires a substantial amount of water as it grows in highly arid regions. 

The following traits make them thebest underwear for men

Comfort: Thanks to being constructed of natural fibers made from Bamboo orMicromodal  Birch tree fibers

Stylish: A modern cut and fit that moves with you available in unique eye-catching shades. 

Function: Available in 3 ranges that you can choose from.

But, we wanted to take the conservation of the planet even further. 

As off April 2019, T-Bô joined the 1% For the Planet movement. We pledge to donate 1% of every dollar from the revenue back to the planet. 

(Learn more about the 1% for the planet movement and how you can be a part of it)

Modern eco-friendly products, co-created by thousands of men globally

On a more personal level...

After starting our community group#Menday, we realized that many men were confused about their role today. Thousands of men did not have anyone to speak to. They felt lonely and sad.  

As a result of ourmen's supporting mengroup, we found that proactive energy is set free. Our community feels more included and in a safe space where they are listened to and cared about. 

Because of this safe space, men become more open to contribute to the greater good.

So who are the men already in the tribe?

T-Bô tribesmen and who want to make the most out of themselves and protect the environment.

 With this direct, honest and approach, we have built a community of over 130,000 men from 120+ countries. 

The majority of these men have contributed to thenew product development of fabrics that are plant-based and more comfortable.

(Learn more about our fabric)

Modern eco-friendly products, co-created by thousands of men globally

So far we have impacted over 130,000 lives. We plan to impact well over 1 million lives by 2020. 

We are not perfect, but we are not done. 

We are because of You


P.S. Leave your comment down below, we are always happy to hear from you. 

Modern eco-friendly products, co-created by thousands of men globally








Allan Perrottet
Allan Perrottet

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