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by Aldrin Tan November 09, 2017 2 min read

We normally see amazing pictures from a great-shaped, handsome and gorgeous models. Have you ever asked yourself how and whose behind those amazing shots? Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation. So every picture you can see or browse through a social media or even magazines, there's an art created by one person, the photographer.
We have decided to pay tribute to all the great photographers who we have worked with for the past months and given us an outstanding picture in return. These are the amazing photographers behind every photo.

1. Jason McQuain is internationally known for his eye for talent and beauty. Coming from
a background in dance and stage production the images he captures are unique and
stunning. Jason McQuain Studios creates fine art photography and coaches models from Miami to New York City. They're the top photography and production team from the Capital to New York. 

amazing photographers
Here are some of the pictures with his model wearing our very own T-Bô One Underwear

mens underwear modelmens underwear model
Models: TitoBazilio
Click these links to see his FacebookInstagram and Website

2. Wim Wyloeck is a freelance photographer living in Belgium. He has been active in the field of portrait, studio and fashion photography since 2014, specializing in male fitness & body shape photography.

amazing photographers
One of our favorite pictures with him together with his model, Corentin

male underwear modelmale underwear model

Click these links to see Wim Wyloeck's FacebookInstagram and Website.

3. Vincent Chine is a Montreal Photographer and mostly works in the beauty field. His feeds and models are really great. He has definitely an eye for fashion. With 27k followers on Instagram, he seems to havea lot of fans and he is doing great on what he do. 
amazing photographers
Here's Kevin and Quentin wearing T-Bô One Underwear

male underwear modelsmale underwear models
Check out Vincents Chine's Facebook & Instagram

4. Patrick Hubert is a photographer located in the province of Luxembourg, Belgium. He tries to explore different photographic styles. His feeds are usually in black and white photography and for me it seems that every pictures tells something, and that's art!
amazing photographers
These are his models, Lionel & Ju wearing T-Bô underwear

male underwear modelsmale underwear models
Here's Patrick's Facebook and Instagram account, go check them out! 


5. Lesdyan Cordovi is based in Miami, Florida. He had work with different brands as well and his work is astonishing. With the perfect model plus the great talent of the photographer = Amazing Shot! There is an on-going winter special, so if you would like to capture great pictures, DM him on his Instagram account or send book now and message him at his Facebook account as well. 
amazing photographers
Here's his models, Joseph and Juan wearing our flagship underwear, T-Bô One

male underwear modelsmale underwear models

Check out T-Bô One Underwear

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Aldrin Tan
Aldrin Tan

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