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Tumblr is normally used for microblogging as it allows to post multimedia and contents to a short-form blog. Just so you guys know that T-Bô is on Tumblr and I am about to show you our most impressive Tumblr models!   Model: Joseph Young Photo by: Lesdyan Cordovi   Model: Brenden Bazilio Photo by: Jason McQuain Join the Underwear Club Get a pair every 2 months with free shipping worldwide! Click this link to see more Model: Juan Cruz Photo by: Lesdyan Cordovi Model: Eric Vayant Photo by: Piero Rojas What do you think about our top T-Bô Tumblr Models?  ...

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T-Bô's is indeed a body conscious underwear for men! Let take a peek on this week's best models. "Black Men in Underwear"     Photo Credit: Jason McQuain Website: www.jasonmcquain.com Twitter: @jaymcquain Facebook: Jason McQuain Studios Instagram: @jasonmcphotography   These guys are wearing the T-Bô One underwear. made with Body Conscious Bamboo Modal fabric which has a soft flexible waistband. Strong enough to hold your package, soft enough to not leave marks or feel uncomfortable.  If you already own one, tell me your experience down below the comments section and if you don't own a T-Bô One underwear, let's get you started by clicking...

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There are now many types of men's underwear that are available in the market. If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t put much thought into your underwear. Fashion aside—you should care about the feel. The feeling when you slip on a pair of a comfortable underwear, you’ll realize you’ve been keeping your package cooped up for years. Let us talk more about 4 different men's underwear style, materials used, pros and cons of using it. 1. Brief This style, also known as Y-fronts, slips, jockey shorts, and is the most common of common underwear style. Classic brief holds the wearer's...

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7 good (and a little bit weird) reasons to get on a monthly underwear subscription program. 1.Get frequent dopamine releases. Dopamine is the ‘happy hormone’ in our bodies. Every time an order is delivered to your doorstep it makes you feel good. a.It’s like having a mini-birthday every two months. Dopamine release guaranteed when you receive your automated order. 2.With a drawer full of high-quality underwear also comes a higher quality of life3. Never wear crappy underwear again  a. All of us have that one underwear. Probably bought it 10 years ago. Stretched out, low-quality materials. But we keep it,...

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Underwear is considered as a basic necessity in everyday's life. As time passes by, underwear became a hit in the fashion industry. With classy briefs, boxers, boxer brief, and even men's lingerie, it seems like there are more types of men's underwear compared before.   This is the 7 stats you probably didn't know about men's underwear. 1. There are 21 types of fabrics that are now widely used for underwear. This includes Acrylic, Bamboo, Combed Cotton, Cotton, Coolmax, Latex, Microfiber, MicroModal, Modal, Nylon, Nylon, Organic Cotton, Organza, Pima Cotton, Polyester, Ring Spun Cotton, Satin, Silk, Spandex, Supima Cotton, and...

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