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We started a few months back by featuring some talented and sexy models on our blog and our love of male underwear model has continued ever since. We've carefully selected our October's T-Bô Model and we would like to introduce you to Daniel!  Daniel is based in Barcelona and a Human Resources Specialist. If you will scroll through his Instagram feed, you will notice how he loves to travel and his passion for fitness.  All photos are taken by Borja Penancho (@_chostudio_).    Daniel looks comfortable on his T-Bô One Underwear. If you haven't got your pair, don't waste time and get...

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We are facing a lot of difficult choices in this world so we shouldn't be spending to much time thinking about our underwear. We have opted to make this choice easier for you. With the evolution going on a speed of light, most men are still onto the conventional styles specifically the boxer briefs. 1. Comfort that lasts foreverWith the correct way of taking care of your underwear to the perfect base fabrics like polyesters, micromodals, or bamboo, the comfort saga will continue. Click this link to read more on how to take care of your underwear. 2. Great supportWe...

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Every time we put our underwear, sometimes it says something about how we feel, our personality, or we just simply want to wear underwear instead of going commando. One of the most overlooked aspect when choosing your underwear is the color. Choosing the right color will help you change your mood and add up to the style of what you are currently wearing.How colors impact emotions and behaviors This is a psychological study and a lot of blogs pertains to this type of concept. Do colors evoke emotion? Color plays a very important role in brands (especially in clothing/fashion brand)...

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T-Bô has collaborated with many famous photographers from different countries. T-Bô is a Swiss underwear brand that has made it its mission to make ultra-comfy undies accessible to handsome men like you. T-Bô undies are worn by dozens of high-profile Instagram celebrities and male models. Take a look at this month T-Bô's model, Nestor Bermejo! Amazing shots by @_chostudio_ Nestor shows you how comfortable he is in his T-Bô One Underwear. If you haven't got your pair, don't waste time and get yours today by clicking this link.

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Today, there's an array of fabric types when it comes to men's underwear. Most men don't really bother looking at what their underwear's fabric is. The most common type of underwear fabric is cotton. The natural fibers work well to keep your business feeling fresh. Have you heard or seen "Micromodal material" on one of your underwear, or even saw it on ads or read it in a magazine? Micromodal is a man-made fabric spun out of wood pulp from beech tree chips. This natural composition makes it a breathable fabric, suitable for wearing close to the skin. The silky, shiny...

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